Francisco de Narváez expands its investments in Uruguay: it grows to 9,000 employees – 09/12/2018


Francisco de Narváez Looking to grow in investments … but in Uruguay. For now, last week Bought the e-commerce company where The Ta-ta group, which already employs more than 7,000 workers in the neighboring countries, amongst Ta-ta, Multihororoga Hogra, Bas and Plus textile supermarkets.

"We bought a company that employs 150 people, whose three founders are fantastic entrepreneurs," Narvazaz said during a breakfast in Ubud's Buenos Aires in La Paisea newspaper in Montevideo.

The CEO of Ta-Tha in Uruguay, Christopher Jones, told El Pais that the negotiation with WoW went on for "several months" and that from the business point of view, both brands will continue to work "completely independently". In fact, the founder of WoW, Leonardo Silvira, will continue in his role as the CEO.

At breakfast in the Uranium Embassy in Buenos Aires, and in which the Uruguayan Minister of Economy and Finance, Danilo Astori, spoke; De Narváez estimated that his group Will invest $ 150 million in the next three years in Uruguay to create more than 2,000 jobs.

The businessman was born in Colombia and nationalized Argentina, "passed the hat" with the purpose of obtaining new loans that allow more labor. "We have already been credited with the Bank of the Republic But I think that more can be done, with more investment that has been more than a long-term collaboration, "he told UGU Ugandan press. Said in a statement The acquisition would be for US $ 18 million, a figure that is not officialized.

As for Omni-Trade, it is the new trend that consolidates all channels that the system offers, where traditional trade and e-commerce are combined. And there is an intensive use of the most varied platforms, From Facebook or Twitter to channel purchases.

With focus on electronic commerce, Voow is dedicated to the sale of travel, products and experiences. The company is established in 2010, has more than 280,000 customers, It. $ 24 million in gross sales and 400,000 annual transactions, the joint statement said.

In Argentina, De Narváez was a shareholder and CEO of Casa Tía who sold to the Exxel Group. When he decreased his activity as SEO, he took refuge in the policy he was deputy between 2005 and 2015. Together with Mauricio Macri Created the belief and grow With equipment to operate in the areas of infrastructure, education, health, economy, justice and security. The technical academies they recruited came from almost the entire ideological arc. And many occupy key positions in the government today.

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