Fortnight is a rival for all games


The number of players holding the title of epic is an undeniable consideration.


As part of the interview you have a few days ago, Tim wilts, director of ID softwareConfirmed that Fortnite is a rival for all games, although he has firmly determined that it is in a very different place from Rage 2.

"Fortnight is a rival for all games because it has so many players and, ultimately, we are all competing for the season's players," explained the quake level designer. "But beyond that, no [es un competidor]. The experience of playing RAGE 2 is completely different from Fortnite, but I am convinced that a significant part of our players play Fortnite. That is a fact. "

It should be noted that, until March of this year, the number of Fortnite players stood at 250 million, between all platforms. 50 million would come only from the month of December.

William Williams added that, in general, every form of recreation was compatible with the monopoly of the men's distractions, however, on platforms like Netflix, which did not affect the design of the game. "When we plan RAGE 2, we have a simple goal: to make the most massive, funniest and most exciting open world with the best first-person combat we can, we will keep players happy from the beginning to the end and come back to play in our world With all our formidable toys, like weapons and skills. "

There was an interesting interview, where the wilds also talked about the future of industry, virtual reality and more.

Rage 2 will debut on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next May 14, and is the product of collaboration between ID software and Avalanche Studios.

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