For the third month in a row, automotive production fell in November

Devaluation, inflation, interest rates, and "old" wages constitute a combo that the automotive industry is not able to get, and is manifested in the third consecutive case in full production.

The monthly balance of the Association of Automotive Factories (Addafa) reported that with 21 business days of activity (one business day less than October, but the same level of production / day) Automotive terminals produced 36,808 units, 4.8% less than the October figure and 18.6% below the level of one year ago.

Such a niche is explained by these New collapse of the domestic market, the most intense since the crisis of 2002, 57.9% To 33,095 units, with 46.1% of the natural units, and 62.9% of those of the rest of the world, mainly of Brazil.

In the 12th Anniversary of the Seminar of Bank Magazine, President FKA, Fiat Chrysler Automobile, Cristiano Rattazzi, stressed that "70% of the market moves to credit, So the rise in interest rates Reduced this year's market to 800,000 units and is projected to 600,000 for next year, But much higher than the 89,000 in 2002. "

On the contrary, The improvement in exchange competitiveness makes it possible to expand by 36.2% To 26,048 units, equivalent to more than two thirds of last month's production.

Business remnants in units

The Overall balance of the industry after the first 11 months of 2018 There were positive results of 1.4% in production, with 446,170 units; And from 28.8% in exports, to 246,413 machines, more than half of the manufacturing of all the local terminals.

On the other hand, the domestic wholesale market contracted by 20.2%, to 633,398 units, broke down Each case of 21.9% in those of nationals and 19.5% in those of imports.

The result of the trade balance in units was negative in 203,397 machines, contracted 44.6 percent.

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