Floor Vigna told how it was meeting with Nicolás Cabré after the fight


The prosperous 2018 will be an unforgettable year for Floor Vigna. In addition to her personal growth, she was involved with Nicolas Cabbas in a scandal almost by accident, which even affected her well. Yesterday in Los AngelesThe actress referred to her as an actor and the possibility of working again.

The great opportunity for floors to work on "My brother is a clone" was the day he added a photo with CBRE to promote the passport. Since then, and fruit of the jealousy of Laurita Fernandez, their working relationship is not the same again.

At the end of the year and after several months of scandal, the actress was open to the cameras about the relationship with the actor: "The word is professional. It has gone very dry personally. Of which, because one cannot get along with everyone, "he reflected.

Sorry, Floor understands that this experience is difficult because it is her first leading role, but she tries to extract a lesson: "It's good to learn how to work, find other tools, it's part of the job. Things that happen at work. "

According to the actress, many comrades supported her in the most difficult moment, especially the women of the cast. Finally, Ángel de Brito has appealed to the sincere characteristics of the floor and asked him if he would work with Cabré again. The answer was expected: "I don't think so. I also want to meet new colleagues."

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