Floor Peona was firm and said she had not agreed to follow Pampita's advice: "She is a model and I'm an artist"


The dancing 2018 has as one of the characteristics the susceptibility of some participants before the return of the juries. And especially, The rebellion is manifested against the Flora of Peona and Laurita Fernández, The novices in the quartet of ours.

In this framework, Carolina Pampita Ardohain suggests that both Flor and Laurita should prevail to win the place.

The advice of Pampita did not fall well and Peona Explains the reasons why he would never take the recommendations of the model.

"I am an actress of years, I'm not going to accept advice, I love advice. Only Pampita gives me advice that has to do with his personality"Explains the actress.

"I love you because she feels and without a hair stroke, she says I love it, but I put a 0 & # 39;"Commented floor." She puts a 0, she goes home and nothing happens. I'm guilty. Pampita is a model, I'm an artist, "he added.

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