Filtered images from Boka's new shirt


Although there are still no official confirmed by the club, in the last few hours they have started selling pictures of what would be Shirt holder or Boca Juniors For the 2019-2020 season. The design will show some changes with respect to the one currently at the riverside set and will take some traditional aesthetic details.

According to the photos published by the site All about T-shirts, The "Xeneize" shirt will look once again Dark blue color, with a wide yellow stripe Which will turn around the neck will be yellow and "V" shaped.

Among the details of the shirt is the presence of the shirt Three stars On the inside of the neck (in the middle of the shoulder blades) that allow the three intercontinental caps to be achieved by Boca (1977, 2000 and 2003).

The distortion of the images of the new clothes in the social networks is generated Disparate view Among the fans of "Xeneize". There are those who support the return to darker colors and the decision to give the three stars a place, but on the other, those who are inclined to get the revenue from the current plan more appropriate to their history. From the institution.

Anyway, it's sure that Boca Juniors will continue to wear Nike in the next season. Although at some point A possible change to the competition was coloredThe same site posted the photos, it was explained that this would not happen at the moment.

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