FIFA would leave World Cup players participating in the European Super League


ZURICH – The biggest football players would be banned from the World Cup if they play in the European Super League, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said on Wednesday.

Infantino, who speaks with a small group of reporters at FIFA headquarters, said the governing body would punish players from clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Bayern Munich if they left the organized football structure in order to form a private league.

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"Are you inside or you are outside," said Infantino, including the World Cup, the European Championship and national leagues, as competitions that could be eliminated from the opposing team. "This includes everything."

The super-league rumors returned on Friday when the German magazine Der Spiegel published confidential documents and emails from clubs and football organizations in the "Football Leaks" series.

It was found that Real Madrid worked with Super League consultants with 16 teams starting in 2021 and actually replacing the Champions League and UEFA control.



The FIFA Council decided that the game LaLiga intends to perform outside Spain should be played on the territory of the respective federation. "The Council's opinion on this is very clear," said FIFA President.

The plan required that 11 leading clubs from Spain, England, Germany, Italy and France receive ownership and membership of the Super League for 20 years without risk, with five clubs from those countries that were invited to play.

The breakdown of the historical hierarchy of football (FIFA, six inland bodies and 211 national federations) would allow officials to ban participants from participating in major competitions, including the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

"The idea is that if you leave, you go away, do not keep your feet in or out," said FIFA's Legal Director Alasdair Bell. "This would be a general approach that would follow, but of course lawyers can debate this for a long time."

Infantino and Bell have been working for UEFA for a long time, which constantly changed money from the Champions League prizes and the rules of entry for the benefit of elite clubs and the termination of fractures.

"It's a story for the past 20 years," said Infantino, who met European football officials and club leaders this year with the proposed FIFA Club World Cup project funded by a Japanese investor. SoftBank

Infantino said that his plan, which could include at least 12 European clubs in the 24-member line, and that would cost $ 3 billion in commitments every four years, is a good alternative to a closed private league.

"The World Cup in the club is the answer to any attempt at thinking in any opposing league," he said.

Infantino insisted that the plan, even if it was profitable for the participating clubs, would also include money in the football family. FIFA would spend 25 percent of global division revenue.

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"If the paid price is an appropriate income for a club participating in the World Club Championship, this allows us to give a million dollars in nothing in Haiti or Mongolia with three time zones, but only two areas No, then we should to do it, "he said.

The FIFA Working Group will evaluate the renewal of competitions, including a new event for all national teams to be played every two years. Infantino said he expects a decision in March to preside over the FIFA Council meeting in Miami.

He also believes that the last danger of a fracture will pass.

"People are still reasonable," said Infantino. "I certainly believe that club owners and presidents can discuss."

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