Fernando de Zeo, brother of the leader of the Baroque Bar – 05/01/2012


Fernando De Zeo, brother of Rafael De Zeo, a historic leader of Boca's brave bar, died Friday morning at 53 years old as a result of a heart attack he suffered while sleeping. His stay will be veiled at the Shiudadela's Sabbath.

The news is confirmed by his lawyer, José Monteleone, through his Twitter account. "Goodbye to a friend, a faithful brother with his friends, with his convictions and, before all, with his soul club, Boca Juniors. You will always be in my heart," wrote the criminal along with an illustration of the youngest of the Zeo.

Once his death was known, different groups of supporters from Boca fired the bar also through Twitter, they expressed their respect and sent their accompaniment to the deceased's family. So has Fabian Bulldozer Kruger, another member of The twelve.

Fernando The Zeo was part of the first line of the Boca Brava faction that his brother ordered since the mid-1990s, when the old Commandankia, headed by Jose Al Abuelo Barrita, was arrested and sentenced for the double murder. Walter Wallidos and Luis Delgado killed two river fans after an ambush at the end of a soccer club at Sico.

In March 1999, the Fernando Zeo, along with other members of the bar, from an ambush to a group of supporters of Guinea-fowl who witnessed at the Bombonera a friendly among Boca and Chakarita. As a result, 14 people were injured.

Therefore, the youngest of the Zeo was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison in September 2005 for the crime of "Comersion aggravated by the use of weapons", in a case before which Raphael the Zeo was also sentenced four years and three Months) and four other members of La Doce.

Returning to Freedom, he returned to the bar, although in recent years he was unable to access the Bombonera since he was admitted. Having escaped to go abroad for more than once traveling abroad.

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