Fernandez was investigated and said that the rating was made by his cousin for no reason


Juan Jesús Fernández, Arrested for the attack on the UK's Deputy Héctor Olivares And for the advisor's crime Miguel Yadón, He said these shots were made for his cousin, José Jose, for no reason. This was held this morning when it was invested by the Examining Judge Mariano Iturralde And the prosecutor Estela Andrades After being transferred to the city of Buenos Aires from Concepción del Uruguay, Rio was arrested, where he was arrested by the police.

Judicial sources informed Infobae That Fernandez too Remember that it is a crime of passion Or that is connected to a personal relationship because I did not know or have a link with ovaries or with Yad orn.

Fernandez is the owner of the gray Volkswagen Vento car from where last Thursday morning the shots fired that killed Yad and seriously wounded ovaries as they passed through the Plaza Congreso.

Fernandez also denied that the crime had a passive motive, A hypothesis that so far has no evidence in the ground. He said he didn't know any ovaries or Yanón.

The same stated Stephanie. The woman provided her mobile phone and, in a first analysis, did not record any communications or records with the victims. "He could have done some solution for what he was going to test the mobile in more detail," He said this means one of those sources that works in this case.

After the investigation, Fernandez will remain in custody.

Fernandez was arrested yesterday morning in the city of Concepción del Uruguay by police from the province of Entrance Rio. I was in a Renault 19 car with Miguel Navarro Fernández, The father of Navarro Cadiz. The two were transferred to the city of Buenos Aires to be investigated.

At the same time, the Argentine federal police ruled the Department of Navarro in Buenos Aires and found a .40 caliber gun, the weapon of which they were to kill and kill. The skills will be done to know if it is the same weapon.

In order to transport Navarro Cádiz from Uruguay to Argentina, a judicial guarantee is required. This process may take a few days.

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