"Exit's Exit", according to the Fiscal Investigation of Brutal Agriculture and a Supreme Motorino in Nueva Cordoba


The fiscal, which invests in the rescue of a motorcycle protruding the end of the week in the bar of the New Caucasus ashurus "hubo exceso" in the response of the people who are aging and precision work to determine whether the algebraic delictive episode is to log in to the participant.

In Diálogo con Cadena 3, Gustavo Dalma refers to the images that are viralized in the social circles over an episodic registration in the night of Saturday at Vélez Sarsfield, between Fructuoso Rivera and Achával Rodríguez.

"Antenna has been viewed as the most recent and long-lasting years in the past due to the fact that a party has decided to initiate an investigation into the offense," Dalma said.

The fiscal has been refusing to write about a delictive delinquency, which has been the result of the violent repercussion and the consequences: "No matter what the situation is, it will be a group of people who have died. And from amongst them you will investigate the matter. "

"The only thing that matters is clarity in the imagination of sin. Las imágenes por el más elocuentes. The personnel will be reduced. The number of persons who participated in the exit ", insisted the fiscal.

This indicates that you have the time to identify aggressive identities, but that there are elements to advance in the investigation.

"Tenemos testigos que nos ubicional en horario y días y partir de los distribuciros. Tenemos imagines que se porque de las claras y patente de automobile como que podemos avanzar ", cerró el fiscal.

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