Even if you win or lose … – 04/12/2018

Science says: The satisfaction of the duty is the feeling that less human experience, while being at the same time, is the most frequent one at their disposal. The problem, the specialists in the nature of the view tell, is to find a new objective in which to dump all the energy or join forces to start looking for another opportunity or remaking.

The one of Guillermo Barros Schelotto can be a witness case. Only five days after the historic end of the coup in the Bernabé, at 26 that his deal with Boca was right, the Conditionality of Mellizo at the helm of the Xenize Squad is a mystery. ¿Win the Cup, run the club World Cup and say goodbye. What if he does not get the seventh? Does it end its cycle of more than two and a half years? "Because of how I see the situation today, I think it's going to happen that can happen against the river," he confessed Olé A source that does not ask permission to enter the locker room. Chau?

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Guilhermo is one hour and a half (or at most) to hit a new record in the great history of Boca. Since mid-2017, the character that won most titles in blue and gold. They are 16 as a player, with four libertadores, and two as a coach. If he beats the river, he will be the first club player to walk around America as a coach. But he was sitting on the hot bank in the continent for two years and ten months, and to give Bokka another 11 years of drought to put the Golden Brooch on a cycle.

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The twins have not yet spoken to Angelica talk about what will happen in 2019. No, it's true, it was a moment with the mother of all finals ahead. But the truth is that the leaders themselves do not want to have enough motivation to face a new project, and many give discounted what will go through their decision.

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Also, CI is changing the discourse with the passage of time and parties. For several months, Angelica emphasized that once Boca's participation in the COP is over, the balance will be made and then a decision will be made. Far from that phrase from September, when he said that if the DTY wants to continue, "99% keeps". Of course, if the trophy is left at home there will be no doubt when it comes to offering it to renew it. One piece of information: There are still no details of the passing market or where Boca will play in the presysoon.

The motivational video of Boca

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We will see what happens these days in the head of the dt. Or, preferably, if a possible Olympic round in Madrid makes him change his mind. In Lanus, for example, the other team he was in Argentina was three and a half years old. He won the 2013 Sudamericana a year and half took over, he held the leading role in all the tournaments he played in 2014 and then he did not persuade. His departure from the club was due to an economic issue (the new president did not agree to keep his salary) and also to an attraction. Of course, the Lanus diver does not care about the same as Boca's, or does time run so fast.

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The Mely DT cycle has its ups and downs. He won two local tournaments from end to end, he remained a leader for 46 matches and 617 days, he tried twice in the monumental, he strengthened the player and put together a team of first international level. On the debit, he lost the 2016 Cup and Supercopa 17. The outcome of the coup may change your career forever. Even if you win or lose

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