"Even if you want all …", Sole Fandio did not call anything

Soledad Fandio Is one of the revelations of this year in this Dancing for a dream. After being saved in the final Gala by decision of the public, I returned to the track, this time to dance in a new rhythm that is folklore. Though she was not a dancer, she studied the choreography in a few days, and managed to accompany her dancer with a lot of elegance and sympathy, but this did not reach the jury, who again scored very poorly.

"Thirteen points, gentlemen, the third lowest score has Soledad Fandy and Nico Villalba, they are complicated, and more because the secret vote is from floor and it is not a good return," Marello Tinelli said. Therefore, the coach asked for the bar, because he held that he did not "all bad", as Polino said, and lords explained that the Participant He did not achieve the basic set of the rhythm, so they removed a point.

With twelve points, the Model He brought out his Their main character to be consulted by Marcelo as he felt the dance. "I'm trying to do the best I can, I come with a lot of respect, I come to do the best and enjoy it, to have a good time with Niko, we tried a lot," he first said in a apparently conciliatory Do. But then he launched: "I take the same love of the people, of all the people who agree with us the other day that wants us to stay and not everyone who wants to go."

When Tinely asked him, if he thinks it was a plot, she denied it, but clarified: "Everyone in his stuff, but maybe something he does not like or I do not like him … It's # 39 ; True that hears say career) is wonderful (indicating his dancer) and I think he does not value what he has done, but they stop to see what I'm doing wrong "he was safe.

"I really took all the Cario from the public that saved us, although all you wanted us to do, including participants … but it's all right, we have a good time, we wanted to stay, we still enjoyed it, , Clarify leaving everyone present surprised.

Watch the video of the tone moment:

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