El Chaqueño Palavecino, on the stage of the jestus maria festival


19 January 2019 – 2:46
Chaicono leads the grid. The Salta groups are also presented. The festival is broadcast live on Public TV.

The Chaveino Palaveskino will be the star of the eighth evening of the 54th edition of the Dressage and Folklore Festival of Jesus María (Córdoba), which takes place at the José Hernandez Amphitheater. Tonight will also be the time of the Salteños of Kanto 4 and the Ascending Cobes group. In addition, Salta's delegation will be presented by announcer and animator Oscar Humakata, who will have 300 participants to present the show "Salta El Alma".


It is full of today's schedules

6:50 PM Hs La Pilarcita (15 & # 39;)

19:20 HS Duo Postal (15 & # 39;)

19:50 HS Doma (60 & # 39;)

20:50 HS Bichito Eveverria (15 & # 39;)

21: 10Hz doma (40 & # 39;)

10:00 AM Opening Hours

22:10 HS Singh 4 (20 & # 39;)

22:35 HS Doma (20 & # 39;)

23:00 HS 4 String (15 & # 39;)

23:15 HS Los Pampa (15 & # 39;)

23:30 HSD (20 & # 39;)

23:50 HS Presentation Salta in the Soul (20 & # 39;)

00:10 Saltana camp (15 & # 39;)

00:30 hrs cobbles (15 & # 39;)

00:50 HS Doma (40 & # 39;)

01:40 Hs Chaqueño Palavecino (120 & # 39;)

3:50 hrs. The 4 strings

5:00 am closing time

The art billboard will be completed with: Los Pampa, Las 4 Cuerdas, Vichito Echeverría, La Pilarcita (National Festival of Chamame). The festival is broadcast live from 10 am on public television.

Tomorrow Saturday will be the turn of the Notcheros. The night will also feature: Horacio Banegas, Pancho Figueroa, The Voices of Oran, Indians of the Now, the Traditional Alba Singers, Maite, Miguel Figaroo and his Conjunto Companion Companion Antonio Figuero Trio. Exhibitions of groups and gum pills from Jessus Maria, Colonia Caroya and Cincacate & # 39; & # 39; Fire from me & # 39; & # 39 ;. You've got a high percentage of the audience waiting for Chaqueño Palavecino's appearance, which brings together thousands of fans every year in that city of Cordoba.

"Jump in the soul"

There is an integrated show of song, dance and equestrian intervention. The cast, which will conduct the humakata, is flooded from the ballots: Kakui (Capital), La Huella (Rosario de Lerma), Roots our (La Mered), Campo Alegre (Chicana), the essence of my earth and El Pihual (Capital) Listen to the Institute (El Carril), Al Jahuel (Oran), Alma Firtte (Kafayate). The Los Kimba troop will be there. Among the musicians and singers will be on stage: Los de Cafayate, Juglares, Quanzheria (Tartagal), Antonio Salas (Alto La Cierra). In addition, the speakers will participate: Juan Pinto and Juan Viñabal.

"It will be 18 minutes where we will show the whole landscape of our province. The truth is that it will be a unique experience. The festival's people are visiting Salta, visiting some of the artists, and decided to invite us. "For this prestigious feast of dressing and folklore, if not enough, we will be part of the night with the Chaveino Palavino, which guarantees us a full sale of the premises of Jesus Mar," said Humakata. "The important thing is that dancers, musicians and singers from different parts of the province will participate. The flag of Salta will be on the Martin Ferro stage," he added.
A high percentage of the delegation is made up of dancers who make the different academies and ballots. "Our dance has been widely absorbed in recent times," Humakata emphasized.


It is a fresh proposal, with sufficient conditions from its members, to set their illusion in every scenario. They are revelation in the final edition of the National Dressage Festival and Jessus Marathon's folklore, in Cordoba … and now they go for more.
These are talented young people who have experienced experiences in other formations and now assume a new musical challenge. It offers a novel feature, sustained in a recent poetic line, passionate and of course, as a good Salta group, also dedicated to this special musical line from the north of our country. Moreover, from a contrast between voice and sounds, a particular style is achieved that highlights the different intentions of each song.

Song 4

It should be noted that Canto 4 is the holder of the conquest of Jesus Mary Award, which he received in 2008; Also from the prize of Cosvin Consecration, it reached it in 2010. It will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the 4 Salta. In addition, the Salta group has been awarded La Gaviota de Plata by Via Del Mar, a prize-winning party from the Baradero Festival, and the award-winning Serenade to Cafayate. They are tourists in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Spain. Facundo Rufino, Iván Vera, Rodrigo Villarreal and Juan Peñalva are members of Canto 4. They have the albums: Sombras Herida, Canto 4, Energía, Folk and Poncho.

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