Due to a fall in production, anti-rabies vaccines for humans are missing in the country – 01/04/2015


It spreads small, but the phenomenon has months: The story of the vaccine for humans from the middle of 2018. Missing in all provinces, in all jurisdictions, in all health centers, public and private.

To translate into everyday life, if you are not fortunate enough to find a health center with a few doses, after a cereal bite you will have to put the tokens in: A) Find the biting dog, b) Take it with the difficulties That implicates – to some center of zoonosis, and C) to cross the finger so that it does not have a rage.

Health authorities Explain that the problem is not local but regional: That the Sanofi Pasteur Laboratory, which produces and distributes it in the Latin America through the Pan American Health Organization, He simply lowered his output And nobody knows what.

Clarin He contacted the laboratory, but he couldn't get an answer. The truth is, if one is, for example, in Juji, anti-rubies vaccine for humans, there is almost no. And if one is in Lomas de Zamora, or. At a zoonosis center in the southern zone (where they asked to stay anonymous) they are sure that they will receive "sometimes ten, sometimes forty doses and sometimes simply none, and then You have to hang the sign that there is no camp. Before there are between 300 and 400 weekly doses ".

For example, in Buenos Aires, which needs human anti-rabies and a seat replacement kit available at the tribal school, for instance, you'll see that it's not easy to figure out.

The search for Verorab in the tribal laboratory centers.

The search for Verorab in the tribal laboratory centers.

They will answer at the beginning of the national health portfolios and the province of Buenos Aires:This is the first news we have on this topic. We have not reported. "But later they admitted that" there is a topic "that is not new, which has been several months and so affects all of Latin America.

However, of the Ministry of Health of the National remarked that Do not be alarmed and there are enough doses: "There is no, but there is no restriction. There are 14,000 doses in the country and the vaccine is not on the official calendar. It is only given when there is a prescribed treatment. If a province needs it, it has been sent. Mortgage is worldwide due to a decrease in laboratory output and therefore limited to medical indications; It is reserved for specific cases. "

One issue that varies the authorities is that, after the bite of a dog, People "just in case" go out to get vaccinated. In the Buenos Aires Health portfolio they noticed that "For every 100 people bitten by a dog, 85 were vaccinated. And they do it Without checking if the dog is vaccinatedIf it has an owner … they are unnecessary applications, when the problem is in no vaccination. "

"It is also the issue of bats, which are the ones who transmit rabbits to dogs," they added, stressing that the population should be attentive, especially in rural areas: "If you see bats on the floor, stunning or dead, you Have to catch them with tweezers and take them to analyze. "

A vaccination of Lomas de Zamora warns of the lack of anti-rabies vaccine for humans.

A vaccination of Lomas de Zamora warns of the lack of anti-rabies vaccine for humans.

Now, if Sanofi almost does not provide any vacuum, What is the "design" of what has been bitten by a dog that could have robbed? In the province of Buenos Aires, they closed the local production, which is the dozen out of Dr. Tomas Peron Biological Institute: "We've had this vaccine, but it's used as a complement to the verbs, because It produces more adverse effects. Given the situation, it is planned for 2019 to produce 90,000 doses per year instead of the current 10,000.

And in the rest of the country? The only province that raised his voice in these months was Juji, who issued a sound alert. The figures in that province are eloquent: In 2016, Juji has received 21,338 doses. For the first quarter of 2019, only 250.

In dialogue with Clarin, The province's minister of health, Gustavo Boyd, said, "In August, Nation warned that anti-rabbits for humans would be lacking in context, yet all patients with dog bites could have robbed, are at risk of It was prudent for me to explain the alert, which I consulted with the governor[[[[Gerardo Morales]"

This is the province's history: "Jujuy borders, Salta and Bolivia, and in both places, there are cases of canine rabbits, in Salta, in Salvador Mazza, and in Bolivia it was both porridge and human robes, informed by the Government. A street does not save me from the transmission of a disease"

"I think that in Nation they are going to see the possibility of requesting vaccines to other countries, but that implies a logistics and inaccurate times," the minister explained. From the province of Buenos Aires they also speculated: "Perhaps by 2020 the production of the Peron Institute can be increased to 200,000 doses per year and transferred to other areas of the country. But to understand it would be futuristic".

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