Dollar today: up to $ 39 after meetings of the central bank

In his wholesale version, at 10:52 it advances 65 cents and trades at $ 38.02 Source: Archives – Credit: Hernán Zenteno / LA NACION


dollar today

Open up after the announcement of the change in monetary policy that made it

Central Bank

(BCRA) this morning. In his wholesale version, at 10:52 it advances 65 cents and trades at $ 38.02.


National Bank

, Which usually has one of the lowest quotes in the market, by midnight the US dollar. It. Currency is trading at $ 39.70 cents above yesterday's close.

Within an hour from the opening of the circle in Argentina, other currencies in the region show mixed tendencies. Against the dollar, the real and the Chilean Peso depreciated 0.35% and 0.58% respectively. Meanwhile, the Mexican Peso has appreciated 0.34%.

The US It. Dollar goes back globally. The dollar index, which means the value of the currency against other than the euro or the yen, decreased 0.12% this morning.

This morning, the BCRA eliminated the "floor" of 60% per year that it set at the reference rate – by which it pays to sell
Letters from liquidity (Leliq) to the banks – and announced that it will try to transition its purpose of contraction of the monetary base.

The bureau also announced that the scheme of mobile bands in which it allows the dollar to move freely will be updated at a rate of 2% per month in the first quarter of 2019 "Use effective limits as of December 31, 2018 ($ 37.12 and $ 48, 03, respectively) ".

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