"Docta Dance", the Cordoba urban dance group that made up the jury of "Genios de la Argentina" stand up


(Video: "Geniuses of Argentina" – El Trece)

Of course, the best has yet to come, when the dancers dabbled with choreography, they were standing up to jury members.
"They are wonderful, overwhelming. You see them there, they are a steamroller, we couldn't stop looking at them. The change in dynamics was always. Also, as they used the theater, the humor, everything … guys were fabulous. Particular discipline is pointed out when doing everything together is because someone is there directing, putting order, and everyone is giving ball. The discipline they have is wonderful. Guys, I congratulate you with all my heart, What they do is export"He said Patricia Sosa.

"Hopefully we can have the support too, so they can travel, they still need money. I'm going to ask a great friend, who is Governor ShiarettiA great governor, one of the best in Argentina … or the people of Cordoba, I have so many friends there, to see if they can help them, it would be great. I'm going to personally go with him too, to see if we can get help from the province too, "the driver inspired, referring to the trip the group wants to take in the next Hip-Hop world championship.

"It really is exciting we saw. And of course they have to be there, Argentina had to support this because it's really fantastic. It's amazing how they could connect and make all the urban rhythms, Playing together all this is fantastic, it's beautiful to see them. This is to enjoy. I congratulate you, it is proud to see you, I congratulate you on my heart. The links and Editions are fantastic, as they move from one rhythm to the next, they play with all the items that have to do with the theater, "he said. Oscar Media Villa.

(Video: "Geniuses of Argentina" – El Trece)

"They are huge. Congratulations, director, team. They are creative, beyond gift you see work, discipline, everything behind to achieve what they achieved. And now, when they leave the emotion with which Mars talked about the governor, and the little faces begin to loosen up, with that relief … as my adolescent children say, who are your ages: God level & # 39; . Congratulations, "he said. Guillermina Valdes.

"Serious work, you can see the essay, I imagine the sacrifice that every one of you must make. The synchronization and the choreo allow the glow of each and every one of them. Despite 21, there is a lot to see, because each one of them shines. I think they are going to leave the country very high. Serious dancers and hopefully ten, I'm sure it's going to be that way. Stop working full because they have a wonderful future, "he noted Valeria Lynch, Complete the return of a jury, as expected Given them the 30 points each participant needs To get the green star and advance into the contest.

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