Diego Leuco resigned to "Al Diario de Mariana"

The diary of Marianna Started on the screen of the May 2013 Trial. From the first moment the cycle was carried out Mariana Fabbiani Has the support of the public, beautiful One of the successes of the afternoon of the TV.

Diego Luco Produced part of the cycle of the first program and over time The right hand of the driver, To the point of winning her replacement when she is not from the program.

Therefore, it surprised many when the journalist informed the program I wanted to pass aside and I felt that his cycle for the successful magazine was already completed.

In this way, Leuco will continue in The diary of Marianna Until mid-February 2019, fulfilled the role of replacement of the driver in their vacations. Then Will fail the program on the best terms with the production company Mandarina, Responsible for the cycle.

Changes in the program. In addition to the latest addition to the staff of Marina Calabró, Would be added Tato Young, Which is currently in America, after the departure of Leuco.

He is a key player in The diary of Marianna And his fans will be noticed, because his participation in the program is very valuable for fabbiny and the other from the panel. But despite this success, Decided to pass aside.

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