Desperate for the shots, the Mirtha Legrand turns its program around


Mirtha Legrand It is increasingly permeable to changes. But we do not mean change, why the diva has endured strongly in the 2015 elections, although she now says that Have no different from government, Will vote again in October. No, the driver is betting on the changes to her program to try to improve this level.

It is recalled that 2019 has already started with an important new feature: the change of schedule (from 10: 00-20: 00) to prevent competition with PODEMOS HABLAR, the cycle of Andy Kusnetzoff who is the owner of major times measurements on Saturdays.

But the Chiqui also announced that I do not want politicians on the tables on Saturdays. "I'm going to make less politicians this year, despite being an election year. It seems to me that people got tired Some of these politicians. It will be politicians who speak briefly and understand them, I do not want hard to understand that people do not understand. I want to understand people, to speak clearly, loudly and simply "He expressed his return to Trees.

But in the new design, the Mirtha faced a new and difficult obstacle that caused him a couple The level differs greatly: The Repetitions of Marry to children. That is why the program on Saturday 11, he decided to put his hand on the political agenda for strengthening The night of Mirtha. In this way, the diva gets into it Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires), Barbara Design, Lourdes Sanchez, Federico Sales And Lorena Maciel.

After playing hard with one of the major figures of change on Saturday, Sunday will have a Having a lunch with the Mirtha Legrand More relaxed with the presences of Luis Brandoni, Betiana Blum, Ana Rosenfeld, Nicolás Francella, Peto Menahem And Rodrigo Tapari.


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