Delay of Nation Into The Shipment Of Vaccines For The Flu


Mario Kohan's health minister sent them half of the necessary vaccines. "We call every day, I think it's a management problem," he said.

Health Minister Mario Kohan confirmed on Friday that the national government delayed the transmission of influenza vaccines. "From epidemiology call every day, we do not keep quiet for a minute. We demand the delivery of influenza vaccines but delivery is slower than last year," the official said.

"We thought this year is not going to happen, because we agreed that this year we are not going to talk and we are talking. We have 24,000 doses and we need to vaccinate around 50,000 people. We are missing half. Are coming to the account, reflecting a slowdown in fulfillment of time, "he said.

However, Kohan made it clear that the situation was not causing fear. "The vaccines are still being sent slowly, which is why we slowly grow. This makes us lose a little sense of opportunity. But the vaccination program is a national responsibility. The nation must buy them for the entire national territory. Do not go out to buy vaccines because vaccines are missing, these vaccines are purchased by the Nation, by the rotating office of the Pan American Health Organization, because it is programmed in the way, "he said. T said.

About the significance of the opportunity for vaccination, he said: "When vaccination is done, it should be done in a uniform manner, because vaccination is effective and timely when the entire vaccination community is vaccinated." "This delays the strategy," he said.

Asked about the reasons for this situation, he said that, in his opinion, it does not have to do with the lack of resources, but with management problems: "I believe that these resources should not be lacking, I believe that if the The country has problems with resources in this area, we are a very serious problem, and I do not think there is a problem of resources, but of management, you do not forget that last year the ministry stopped marking a ministry. Offices, changes made in decision making The view is that there is a management problem, "he concluded.

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