Creators of Videogames Quake: Laws Advances in the US to Prohibit Microtranctions in Games


Of Fortnight Up to Candy Crush. Thousands of video games They are under the microscope for their monetization system, Which according to a UN Senator is inappropriate for underage players.

Joshua Havley, a representative of the Republican Party in the United States Senate, is working on a Bill that seeks to ban micro-action in video games.

Like the name of the initiative thread (Protect Children from Abusive Games Act) The intention is to protect children from abusing actions in games.

A lot of them are mentioned Candy Crush, A very successful game on mobile devices. It has up to $ 150 micro-payments to get some items and benefits. Similar monetization systems are part of many deals Gamer.

Speaking strictly speaking, one of the most useful presentations at present is the paradigm of Fortnight: Battle Royale. It's about Of games that are downloaded for free and include purchases during the event. With this mode, the proposition of Epic Games raised more than 3 billion dollars only in 2018.

According to industry analysis, this is a source that could represent more than 50 billion dollars.

Games like the success
Games like the successful "Candy Crush" include paid items; Will they forbid the modality in the US? (Picture: Reuters).

"When a video game is designed for children, Developers should not allow addiction by monetization. And when mayors play adults for adults, they should remove them from future compulsory microtransactions. Creators of the games knowingly put this law into effect, "said the 39-year-old Republican, an Oriental senator who took office in January of this year.

The video games Who needs additional payments to advance, the advantages of the natural inclination of children to new skills and compete, "said the campaign leader to restrict advertising additions to minerals.

Meanwhile, the bill aims at specially cataloged games for minors. How he points out New York Mail, Many previously submitted a proposal to restrict Internet companies from storing and using data from children under 13.

"Social networks and videogames take advantage of the user's addiction, diverting the attention of our children to the real world and Took profits from encouraging compulsive habits. No matter what the advantages of the business model for technology industry, one thing is clear: there is no excuse to execute children through such practices, "he added.

United States leader Josh Golin, who is looking to distance children from business actions, said in a statement that It is unfair that companies use their games to manipulate children.

"Those video games "That requires additional payments to advance, take advantage of the natural inclination of the children to master new skills and compete," he said.

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