Coudet explains his position with the injured in racing


Quietly, Chacho, it's over. The relief from being able to get a direct elimination duel puts him in a position of harmony with the driver from racing. But with themselves. As if leaving champion is not enough. Now your head is really on the go for more. That difficult and tedious transition between the festivities and facing a new competition seems to be coming. The main focus now is. The only thing that worries him is not being able to return to that game that his team can know how to achieve. But smile always smiles.

Eduardo Codet gave a press conference at the Silindro de Avellaneda. Next step? The first leg of the Copa SuperLiga against Tigre, tomorrow at 5:45 am, is in Victoria. Therefore, Al Chacho referred to the number of casualties That the champion suffered in the face of this series. "Those who are here because they come in terms, (Leonardo) is probably not in the call, he is not one hundred percent." With respect to be Policy of no risk players He assured: "I was promised to give him a few more days for the Tuesday where he would get much better, we had the antisident to take him to the bank and injured him".

Coudet exposed his views on the players of racing damaged for the game of Saturday against Tiger.
Codec doesn't want to risk players, so it saves Diaz and Mena, Chileans. Arias, inside.

The racing coach also talked about his other players touched, a constant in this establishment. "To (Eugenio) Mena we never have a goal but to carry the time, it comes without pain but it also stopped for a month". About Marcelo Díaz, He stressed: "He doesn't have an injury, he arrived loaded, and it is the same case, but without a muscular injury, we have to wait for them to recover, otherwise it would be unfair for other players.".

The coach of racing and his friendship with Tigre

Codec hinted at this difficult game against the team led by his friend Nestor Gorosito. "He is one of the best teams of the moment, he plays very well, he always tries and has many good players who understand this game". At the same time, he admitted: "It's going to be a tough opponent, a very difficult series, they have top players, and that's the same for me they've gone down because I don't change my analysis".

On the way to face this kind of instances, Coudet explains that "In the 180 minutes you have to play with the results, if the result does not help you spend you have to offer something else and take more risks". When they asked him about the possibility Lisandro Lopez Be in the bank of the substitutes of racing, the Chacho clarified: "No change is thought before the game, you just play as the match is played and the need". And finally, he showed: "I do not promise triumphs or titles, but to be protagonists, for which reason we want to try to sustain it in time".

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