Cooperatives Forel and even an evangelical church appear in the new money route Q – 10/12/2018


In the new way of money K discovered in the cause of the directive of public work in favor of Lazara Baza, Affirmed some of the same financiers, troubled cooperatives and even an evangelical church invested in the cases of Scanska, Sikkone and Serro Dragon, Among others.

At the request of the Prosecutor Gerardo Policita to judge Erkolini to explore the financier Ernesto Clarens and the Getty Brides, among other defendants, money laundering maneuvers for US. It. $ 160 million were detected. In the process against the base for the route of cash Q through "La Rosadita" has been discovered the laundering of another 60 million dollars.

In the new basic financial maneuvers are made by the well-known financial Inverness managed by the financier Ernesto Clarens, Processed in the cause of the notebooks of bribes. Inverness is then purchased directly by the darede environment.

The scheme was completed, between 2003 and 2010, by the construction companies Gati and Gonsto, which were also managed by Baez. First, the construction companies ceded the collection of the checks that the government gave them for the certificates of work progress in Santa Cruz to Invernes. Then inverness changed More than 5,000 checks In the financial and cooperative trouts for money and without paying the check tax. .

The checks, for the most part, are paid by "Non-existent services" Which also appeared in troubled bills. The current holder of the Ines, Marcelo Colombom, started in 2015 a debugging of the cooperatives' registry, separating the cohesion as Coficred and Credisol that clarens handled.

The request of the prosecutor is based, among other things, on a letter from the AFIP, which was received by Leandro Cuccioli, prepared by the Inspector Jaime Mekikovsky and the branch of the Financial Agency of Comodoro Rivadavia. The AFIP crossed the data of the checks and the supposed suppliers to discover the amazing connections.

Gata and Gonzo, which are controlled by Lazara Baez to monopolize the public work in Santa Cruz, are the bridging societies of the maneuver.

As a proof of the charge, an expert engineer said that the invoices contributed by Getty "is not enough to consider how effective the suppliers, or the commodity, or the services, or the amounts of the disbursement registered."

At the report of the affair was revealed that they were discovered More than 100 truffle suppliers De Gaty and that the irregular cooperatives, an evangelical Church and the Phonipipro (Provincial Fund of the Province of Formosa) Managed almost 65% of the deposits. The Phonipipro was the channel by which the Governor of Formosa, Guildo Insprón, paid $ 2 million to the Old Fund, the same that the former Vice President Amado Boudou used to illegally buy Sikkone.

"In the payments from Gotti Sa theoretically destined to the payment of their suppliers by Inverness SA, it is verified in the practiced analyzes that they are actually channeled almost 85% of the amounts of checks issued on behalf of incorrect or accepted suppliers such as They are deposited in entities, which, for different reasons, it was It is impossible to control the traceability of the operation minimally And they have nothing to do with the activity, geographical area or development of GOTTI SA's operations, "the AFIP reported.

And so he used the structure of the The Mutual Association of American Bakers of the Third Millennium, Phonipipro, Global Equity, Stock Exchange and Fastimex (the latter also involved in the cash route), the Christina Evangelical Pentecostal during the Church of San Miguel, Among twenty companies.

"INVERNES has made its arrangements for Gotty SA primarily based on the use of the macro bansud bank account, whose money laundering prevention system would have to be reviewed and whose money laundering authorities should have practiced different reports of suspicious transactions Money Laundering During All The operation, considering the amounts, the lack of relationship with the recipients of the emerging activity of the money and the permanent withdrawals, "assures the release of the AFIP.

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