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Conmebol displaced Claudia TAPIA from his position in FIFA


The Conmebol Informed by its official channels, the displacement of Claudia Tapia From his position as representative of the South American agency before the FIFA Council After the letter, signed by the President of the AFA. After the semi-final against Brazil from the Copa America.

The "Chiqui" went to the Ascension in the last few hours to appear before the Consensus Council on the report he made. "Reflections on the Copa América 2019".

What happened there chose to replace Tapia, who He took on his role as FIFA in October 2018 Replacing Wilmar Vadez on an interim basis since Uruguay manager has a mandate until 2020. In this way, Argentina once again secured a position in the entity that regulates world football for the first time since the death of Julio Humberto Grondona in 2014.

The municipal committee

Mr. Claudio Tapia sent a comment last July 3 to be considered by the CONMEBOL Council. In response to the demand, a coffee was an extraordinary meeting of the Council whose only point on the agenda was to analyze the terms of the note and listen to Mr. Tapia about his "personal reflections".

Mr.'s reflections. Tapia question the South American Football Confederation, the Brazilian Football Confederation, the Copa America and the various competitions organized by CONMEBOL for a set of climbs of different nature.

That mister. TAPIA exercises an interim position before the FIFA Council is appointed by the CONMEBOL Council and whose function is to represent the interests of CONMEBOL and its affiliate associations.

Accordingly Given the seriousness of public expressions By Mr. Tapia, considering the investment of his office and hearing it at the current meeting, which was assembled at his request, in the exercise of his statutory powers, the CONMEBOL Council decided:

1- With immediate effect Reliance on Mr. Claudio Tapia to use the interim representation of CONMEBOL for the FIFA Council.

2- Convening at the election of the CONMEBOL representative In accordance with the applicable regulations before the FIFA Council.

3- Forward all backgroundIncluding the minutes of the Ethics Committee meeting, for Mr. Claudio Tapia, to present the background on which the letter dated July 3, 2019 is based.

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