Conmebol confirmed the Superfinal in Madrid and with the two fans – 11/29/2018


The wait is over. The crossed versions finally ended. It will be a final one. It will be in Madrid, at the station Sagana Bernabé, on Sunday, 9 December at 08:30 (4:30 in Argentina). Up there River and Boca must travel to determine the Cape Libertadores champion.

This was confirmed by the president of Konmebol, Alejandro Dominguez, at a press conference in Asunción, in which he handed his appeal to the acts of violence found in Argentina and asked the protagonists to communicate a peace message to the definition.

"I want to repeat the verdict of vandalism. Football is not going to stop because of the acts of violence. We are many who love this sport king. Football transmits values, it is winning or losing, not murdering or dying. We take a step forward, "began Domenguez.

And he has to relate to the organization of the last. "I want to thank the President of Spain, the president of FIFA and personally my friend Florentino Pezez, and all the cities that have expressed their intention that this great phenomenon, loved by us, can be done in other destinations. The decision is to play with both fans in the city of Madrid on Sunday 9 at 20.30. The doors are open to all fans who support the good football. "

The president remembers that Madrid is the ideal city to play the game and again charged against the violent. "That the bars do not even think about traveling, it's no place for them."

The President of the South American Football Confederation (Konmebol), Alejandro Domenguez, at a press conference. EFE

The President of the South American Football Confederation (Konmebol), Alejandro Domenguez, at a press conference. EFE

"I am sympathizing with those who are opposed, with them and with their family, I ask the two clubs and their two technicians to send a message of love and peace, football is not in force, football is love and we have to take care. Are an extraordinary situation and we have to look for an alternative city. We believe that the city of Madrid has all the conditions we need ", He said.

Dominguez said that last Saturday during the scandal that occurred in the monumental stadium, Konmebol did not press the teams to play the game and stressed that what was important at this time was the sound of the players involved.

"When the players left in an ambulance we knew that the game was suspended, and I knew it was not going to be played on Sunday., But I need to have the support, which came with the medical records. The conditions were not given due to everything that was happening outside the stadium, "explains the leader.

In addition, he said that "the world is waiting for a signal of Angelici and Daoopoulos" who in recent days discovered the media and exchanged Chikania to increase the controversy surrounding the party.

As for the organization of the game, he said that there would be no reason to change the referees of the last so it is expected to be the Uguai Andrés Cunha Who heads the main three.

The failure of the conmebol

After many twists and turns, Konmebol decided "not to make place for Bokka's request" to disrupt the river and give the cape per win and ordered "The Combal Competition Department reproducing the second leg of the last of the Copa Libertadores."

On the other hand, he imposed on the river "a penalty consisting of playing his next two home games in official competitions organized by Konmebol behind closed doors, this sanction will begin its validity as of 2019" and he applied "a fine of 400,000 dollars . "

It is expected that Boca to appeal this verdict. The president of the club, Daniel Angelici, promised to exhaust all the robots in the combat and even resort to the arbitration for sports (TAS).

The sanction to the river

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