Cinthia Fernandez was reconciled with Polino and was taken away: "I'm a little better with my heart"

The panelist Applicable He talked about the action he had with the jury on the previous day and how they made peace.

The reconciliation of Cinthia Fernández and Marcelo Polino after their fight in Bailando 2019

After the storm came the rest Cinthia Fernández And Marcelo Polino. After a hard shot in the Dancing, Where he called her "almost ignorant" after she asked him to "tell" about folklore, the jury and the media again came face to face and told how they were approved.

Polino: "The people who follow me began to ask you to bring their daughters here at 11:00 pm At night, those who love you said that I was disrespectful for her because she was ignorant. Know each other, we talk out the air, we love each other and that is clear ".

"I was introduced to a woman right away that I would not like to see, they told me unintentionally, ignorant, and used the wrong words," said Synthia, about the time she had lived the previous day.

Then Paulo made his release: "I know you for a long time and she has become a very ugly satellite thing on social networks." The people who follow me started asking you to bring her daughters at 11:00 at night. Those who love you said I had disrespected her, because she told her 'ignorant', "the journalist said. "We know each other, we talk out the air, we love each other and that's clear," the driver emphasized. The Direct Specialists.

However, Societies called again in this Dancing, But this time they are tears of joy. The reason? The jury saved her first in the sentence of folklore. "Today is a great day for me, it's good that things happen." Today, I'm a little better with my heart, "she said, sensed and smiled.

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