Chubut: Mobile phone lines are enabled for questions about Handavirus


The Ministry of Health of Chubut, by the Conscience Committee formed by the outbreak of Handavirus in the Andean region, enables mobile phones in the cities of Esquel, Trevelin and Epuyé to evacuate the consultations of the population related to the epidemiological contingency The prevention measures and the guidelines of action that must be followed.

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The numbers are available and will be attended by health professionals 8-20 hours: 02945-15337889 (Esvic); 02944-15907440 (Trevelinin) and 02944-15582365 (epué).

Official cases

The Ministry of Health of Chubut reported Friday that there were 29 confirmed cases of Handavirus, three of which remain in intensive care since the "epidemiological contingency" was declared on December 3, which killed 10 people.

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