Chubut: a teenager died and they suspect that it was due to handavirus

A teenager died in the shovel city of esquel And the results of the samples sent to the Carlos Malboran Institute in Buenos Aires are shown to determine if it is caused by the Handavirus.

So far there are five more suspected cases and one has been confirmed that has been discharged, according to the authorities of the programmatic area of ​​sound of esquel.

The 14-year-old girl was from EPI He was hospitalized in the area with esteemed symptoms on Saturday and died on the same day.

The authorities of the programmatic area of ​​health noted that There are five other cases suspected of contracted handavirus. Three are currently in intensive care at the zonal hospital in the city waiting for sample results to know if they have the virus, one case in the general ward and another outpatient.

"The three people who are in therapy are stable", The doctors assured.

The people affected are not of the same nuclei, but from the same area and the only confirmed case so far was a person who lives in a rural area and receives ambulatory care.

It is transmitted by inhalation – it is the most frequent route – by breathing the air contaminated by the virus eliminated by the infected rodent or by direct contact when touching live or dead rodents and their feces or urine.

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