China revealed the moon's first "hidden face" images


China unveiled the first images of the so-called "hidden face of the moon" after they achieved the first landing in the history of mankind in that unknown area of ​​natural satellite. After the achievement, the scientists who manage the project are optimistic and expect "great discoveries".

"The moon's hidden face has very special characteristics and has never been explored in situ, so the Chang & # 4; e4 (the probe that explores the terrain) may bring us great discoveries," explains the director of demand of demand. Exploration and placement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Zhou Yongliao.

"We can detect information hidden hidden in the moon, I think there will be surprising scientific discoveries," he added.

The expert explains that there are great differences between the two sides of the moon: for example, 60% of the visible face is covered by basal lesions, while most of the hidden faces are mountainous and non-anthotic-areas of the 22 lawns. Are in the area visible from the ground.

Also, scientists will try to explain other issues such as what the Lunar Cortex is much thicker on the hidden side.

"The stones of the hidden persons are older, and the analysis of their sentence can help us better understand the moon's evolution," said Zou.

The pioneering mission can help understand the common past of the Earth and the Moon, as well as the researchers of the Geology and Geophysics Department of the Caslin Yangting Points, who noticed that the moon could provide "knowledge of the primitive history of the Earth." Earth ".

Other goals are to find out why there was a huge bombardment of asteroids about 3.9 billion years ago or analyze the cosmic radiation and the interaction between solar and lunar surfaces. The last two factors are key to a possible mission to the terrestrial satellite, as they may be harmful to humans.

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