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CCK: Daniel Barenboim Premier National Auditorium Plaque – 23/03/2019


Native micro-surgery, laser, surgical, and painless intervention. So we could define the secretary's decision of the federal system of public media and content by plugging the "National Auditorium", which renamed the CCC's symphonic hall. Whale Attracting the large architectural belly visible on the ground floor, with Cristina Kirchner's government and Julio De Vido (today in prison), wanting to record the Patagonian myth. Goodbye to the great beast of the South Sea.

The orchestra conductor Daniel Bregenz – musician, Middle East peace activist and an independent political person – discovered the plaque on the scene with Marshal Lombard, who again opened it with a sober National AuditoriumAnd will soon look at the door. Some say the idea was from Barenboim itself, though it was officially a Capella adventure. It is not a secret that Lombardi has sought Madness – And Zigzag – To Descretnerize The Majestic Complex of Groups and Rooms The Pearl of the Cristina Fernandez management, and one of the public-sector swallowing abuses. Once the plaque was presented, this afternoon, the West-East Divan Orchestra's concert began under the baton of the Argentine-Israeli master.

For its excellent acoustics, the brand-new National Auditorium is one of the most important in the world with its 2200 m2 and a capacity of 1750 spectators. And the building is the largest cultural center in Latin America.

Barenboim is a musician and peace activist in the Middle East. / Fernando de la Orden

Barenboim is a musician and peace activist in the Middle East. / Fernando de la Orden

Hernán Lombardi has told the reflection of Maestro Barenboim, nominating this site as a national auditorium to host the greatest national and universal musical events. To radiate the magic of music from Argentina to the world. "

Daniel Barenboim said: “The CCK Hall is a true concert hall which It has been consolidated in the years as a meeting point for great musicians of the country and world. With the musical life in Buenos Aires, a place with these characteristics was essential. I felt very, very comfortable in this room. ”

The action coincides with the "Barenboim Festival", which, due to its importance and artistic and cultural relationship, is an unbeatable opportunity to promote and formalize the deformed denomination.

The subtle variation is just one in the series of changes that have cyclically altered their original inspiration from the largest cultural center in Argentina and the region. It should be noted that it was difficult for macrocrystalline to reconstruct the central mail pachderm and to devote it to culture.

Pianist and conductor Daniel Berenbos, during a press conference on Monday to announce the "Bodenboem Festival". / Some

Pianist and conductor Daniel Berenbos, during a press conference on Monday to announce the "Bodenboem Festival". / Some

First, the center became CCK in 2016, a vacant acronym, whose graph has a vague resonance from the Russian alphabet … Unless in half a century, say, it was decided to resign it as coca to a cultural center or covadlow. To change his name would require a majority in Congress; In addition to being an irritating measure, it is the last name of the last president to be carved into cement at the top of the frontpiece. To revenge. Another micro-surgery has chosen to hang a maximum of Borges in celestial neon on the south side of the building: "No one is the homeland, but we all." The idea of ​​a personal and at the same time a homeland, in the first person of Merlot, is against the homeland as the guiding cause of a national idea, a notion of the germ of all believers and what is increasingly Unattached.

Another kind of intervention in the sense of ideological plurality is the installation The way of thinking Adjacent to the credits, since his inauguration pay homage to the old postman of former president Kirschner; There, Marie Orensens and Santiago Kovadolf left their disturbing Maxim, without capital letters, "The idea is also a fragment," wrote the artists who lived in France in the decade ago, but whose work is in the park, or "it." It would be useless to be an artist if it is not profitable to combat violence and oppression, "actress and activist Vanessa redgrades.

Musicians and performers like Verstape like Staatskapelle Berlin, Egberto Gismonti, Patti Smith, Martha Argerich, Krzysztof Penderecki, Tango Bajofondo, Susana Rinaldi and Stefano Bollani, among others, have passed through the auditorium.

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