Cases of handavirus have already been confirmed in chubut


In Epié, men leave with chinstrap Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

The Ministry of Health of Chubut reported today that
There have been 29 confirmed cases of Handavirus, three of which remain in intensive care since the epidemiological contingency was declared December 3, which caused 10 deaths.

"One more confirmed case has been added, so there are 29 positive ones," said the latest "daily part due to handwire virus contingency" that dispatches the interdisciplinary team working in the Andean area to encircle the outbreak of the disease transmitted by the mouse. And what is now known also spreads man to man.

The 48-year report has now clarified that "the last confirmed case was of a patient who was a suspect and was therefore Richard by ambulatory contract, so that observation and isolation could not be infected."

Chututian minister of health, Adrian Pizzy, referred to the support of all the epidemiological team working in the area in the Dialogue with the Telemark agency and noted that "it is also good to say that four patients have been reported in the last few hours." That brings to 14 the number of affected people who recovered. "

These kinds of Hanae virus "Andes", which triggered the outbreak in the Cordillier area with epicenter in Epié, forced the judicial means to force nearly one hundred inhabitants to isolate them.

In the Esquel zonal hospital, the head of the north of Chubut, four patients remain hospital, three in the intensive care space and rest in the usual room.

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