Case Darthés: Pablo Novak denied the denunciation of his ex, Andrea Campbell – 01/04/2019


In the last hour Juan Darthés It was again in the mouth of all media for two issues: the announcement of a journalist by Perfil who said she was rebuked by her son during a guard for the actor in Paul, and The testimony of Andrea Campbell, who said the actor had touched the tail In a family reunion.

The striking thing about this is that Pablo Novak himself, Campbell's ex-husband, defended Darthés and questioned the sayings of the mother of his children, During an interview in the program Chismoses (Net TV).

"I don't think it's more significant. Today she sees with the magnifying glass something that comes out of Wan, because she recognized that he was wrong. Today I met Andrea and I asked her & # 39; what did you say? & # 39;. We are a group of friends and we saw each other a lot. I know a lot of people know and that didn't exist. I think this is something we are talking about today, "he said to the surprise of Augusta and Tefoli's rest.

"Andrea admits she believed confused her with Maria, but she is a subject.. She can live it so, but I have experienced it differently, "he categorically added, and dwarfed the story his ex.

"The important thing about what is happening is that the topic is discussed. My daughter will let me know if anyone touches you or tells you something. Before, this was very difficult to tell. And there's another question about a change that comes in the scripts. That doesn't go any further, "said Novak.

When the panelists of the program tried to explain to him that perhaps Andrea now lives in another way, Novak remained firm in his position: "No way was he going to join his ass when I'm there and he's going to say he was wrong. It was not the relationship I had with Wan or the whole group of friends we got together. "

Still asked about Daresc's relationship with his wife Maria, he said that "Mary was very present in the life of Van. They are a super United wedding. I have tried them for many years but I do not know more about the relationship. "

"With Andrea we have a very good friend in Wan. I work with him Arrancame la vida And All the story of Kalu (Rivero) and Thelma (pewter) fell like a bucket of cold water. This is an anecdote, but the important thing is that there is a cultural change and things do not live more than a joke or something normal. I was shocked to find out about these things, though I did not see a few years ago.

Returning to the subject of what happened fifteen years ago with Darches, Novak again made his position clear. "Andrea knows that he confuses you with Maria and asks her forgiveness. And when someone asks for a mistake, I think the subject is closed there"He found.

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