Capcom would initiate the development of Resident Evil 3: Remake


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Resident Evil 2 Remake Is on this way the recreation of the story of the game of 1998 with the engine of Resident Evil 7 It has thrilled the fans. This is not uncommon to see or believe that after the success of their marketing campaign in recent months, more and more people are looking to bring more of their classic deliveries to life. Under the context, rumors claim that a new version of Resident Evil 3 would be in development.

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Yet it was the same Japanese company that several times referred to the return of the third installment of the franchise, it is now that sources in a discussion of ResetEra, Setting and assuring that the company would be working hard at this time Resident Evil 3: Remake, In the words of one of the site moderators.

For some time now, expectations for the new remastered delivery of Capcom About your franchise of Resident Evil 2 They have been high. Whether because of the combination of the most popular reasons and deals with the whole Saga, or because of the revival in the survival horror genre, now the development of one of the most cautious stories of its volumes has been irrelevant.

"I stay away from confirming anything else, but I can assure you that Resident Evil 3: Remake is in full development at this time"Coming to this moderator."They will wait to see the real takeover of Remake 2 to get full with the new game"He suspected.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Will arrive on January 25, 2019 to PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4.


Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage

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