Canadian Finance Chief Huawei arrested in Canada

Wanzhou, Who is one of the vice presidents of the board of directors of the Chinese technology company and daughter of the founder of the company, Ren ZhengfeiShe was arrested on December 1, and a court hearing was scheduled for Friday, saying a spokesman for the Justice Department of Canada, according to the Globe and Mail newspaper.

Huawei is invested at least since 2016 by the US. It. For allegedly sending products manufactured in the country to Iran, in violation of the sanctions.

Representatives of Huawei, One of the largest manufacturers of telecommunication equipment in the world, can not be contacted by Reuters for comments.

Officials from the Justice Department of Canada And the United States did not respond to a request for comments.

UN Huawei At least since 2016 on charges that he sent products produced in that country to Iran, in violation of Washington's laws and sanctions, sources told Reuters in April.

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