Can you? How to reply to a private message in a Whatsapp group


Whatsapp groups are very useful for communicating, but sometimes we don't want everyone to know … we'll show you the trick that solves this situation.

Group chat through Whatsapp It is one of the most popular options for its users. What was previously done in other services such as Facebook, the well-known chat application has managed to improve the function that, by mention of security and privacy, brings together groups of all kinds to keep up.

Somehow, it happens that conversations bring together all sorts of articles, some out of tune or out of place. And, sometimes, users often delay and ignore the response for various reasons.

What a danger! A failure of Whatsapp may expose your old chats

Whatsapp Has introduced an interesting feature that allows responding privately to a secure message sent to a group. Unlike the "open window" function, the options add the message you want to interpellate. Achieve so avoid confusion. There is a feature available with the latest update for iOS or Android devices.

To do so is a simple task: first you have to pick up the message. There will be a floating menu where you can perform various actions such as "highlight", "respond" or "resend". Clicking on "More" will open two new functions, among them, "respond in private" to the recipient. From the moment a chat window opens it will be able to communicate with the user directly.

There are many tricks, and very useful, to make the most of the application. Look at:

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