Camps in Red Dead online: How to avoid being attacked, how to move them and much more


The At Red Dead online They are very important places where you can rest the character or group and also get a series of advantages and basic improvements to move safely around the game world.

As it happens in the slope for a player Red Dead Redemption 2, In Red Dead online We will also have a stock at the beginning of the event. The stock of Red Dead Redemption 2 from this online mode is different from the game story mode different, and you will need to know the differences to be able to take advantage.

Among other things we will teach you How to locate camps in Red Dead online, How to improve them and what you can do in each of them. With all that clear you can get big rewards during the adventure.

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Camps in Red Dead online: How to avoid being attacked, how to move them and much more

Size of the stock

There are two types of camps according to their size, small and large. The small camps allow us to accommodate up to four players with a daily charge of 1 dollar. In contrast, large camps have a charge of two dollars a day and allow a maximum of seven players.

Improvements to stand out in the camp

To do this we must find the Cripps character in each of the camps, although we have to invest some of our money.

Camp in Red Dead online

Among other things, we can improve the country's store that allows us to strengthen the restoration of nuclei when it comes to free mode. All the improvements are linked to the character's character:

  • Satchel 1: Fill the kernel 15% when you enter the free mode and the nuclei are loaded 25% faster when restoring in the stock
  • Satchel 15: Fill the nucleus by 25% when entering the free mode and the nuclei regenerate 50% faster when restoring in the stock
  • RN22: The Nuclear are filled 35% when the free mode comes and 75% faster in the stock
  • Rang 36: The Nuclear are filled at 45% when entering the free mode and 100% in the stock
  • Rank 49 The Nuclear are filled 55% when entering the free mode and 125% in the stock
  • Satchel 55: The Nuclear are filled 65% on the free mode and 150% in the stock
  • Range 64 cores are reimbursed at 75% when entering free mode and 175% in stock

It is also possible to unblock the quick trip of the stock, although you must fulfill the condition of reaching 65 or pay 112 gold ingots.

Attentive to the safe

In this camp you will find a safe way to get packages with supplies you have purchased. This way, do not forget to check the safe in the camp site to get all the packages with supplies you have bought in the catalog of the game menu.

Camp in Red Dead online


From the stock, you can also access the clothing store, where you will be able to change the appearance of the character modifying aesthetic aspects such as shirt, pants, sandals or even the hat.

How to move a stock and to what locations

If you pay an economic amount you can move the stock to other areas strategically. To do this, go to the stock menu to select the relevant locations. This would be the areas to which you can transfer the stock:

  • Grizzlies
  • Bayou Black
  • Big Valley
  • Cholla Springs
  • Cumberland Forest
  • Gaptooth Ridge
  • Great Plains
  • Heartlands
  • Henningan's Stead
  • Rio Bravo
  • RoOnoke Ridge
  • Scarlett Meadows
  • Treats

How not to attack the camp

The white banner system in the game protects you from being attacked by other users while you are in stock. For this you need to capture the white flag. The flag of the other color is simply aesthetic.

Camp in Red Dead online

With all the above you know How to improve the stock in Red Dead Online, How to move it and use the improvements.

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