Burdisso called Nicolás Gaitán and Boca Delights fan


The brand new manager communicated with Nicolás Gaitán, Today in Chinese football and all the people of Boca del Sol are delighted to see him again with blue and gold, something that has not happened since May 9, 2010, when he played his last game in the club against a hurricane. La Bombonera. The footballer believes it is time to return, but he is playing in China, more precisely in the Dalian Yifang, and it won't be easy to get him out. For now, this is an illusion, but contact is already being made.

Gait on Anne is short on 31, as he will celebrate another year of life on February 23.


Alfaro: "Boca is the emblem of passion"

He is more than just interesting to hit back in the moment, and he knows he can give a seat to the club that saw him born. However, it will not be easy to get him out of China. The Dalian Yifang, at the time, bought Athletic Madrid, John's Carrasho and Gait at his own, for € 35 million.

It's worth saying that they have a fortune for the two soccer players, and they don't want to give it away.

The footballer did not do exactly that and it would be necessary to see which quotation the Asian institution gives him. If there is a number that the Xeneise may pay, Something unlikely, or if you can at least negotiate a loan. The positive is the desire to return, the negative to the economic. If the transport finally decided to be happy, it would be a luxury management, as it knows the club and is at an age that can continue to deliver positive things. In the institution he won the 2008 Appertura Tournament and the Rekopa of the same year (although in this case he did not play a minute at one of the two matches against Arsenal).

As for Paraguayan Alonso, his representative Diego Serrote, it has almost been approved by AM 1070's "El Mundo Fútbol" radio program. "He was very seductive to come and see what he agreed. With the owner of the car, only details missing from the deal, "he said.

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