Brutal femicide in El Palomar: A man killed his 20-year-old girlfriend with blows


December 10, 2018

Aylen Balen Alassy Deckuzzi is looking for Saturday afternoon. They found her dead in the house of the accused, who wanted to commit suicide. It was out of danger, and was in the removal of justice.

One 20-year-old girl was beaten to death In a house in the town of El Palomar in Buenos Aires and Femicide her boyfriend was arrested, Who was next to the body of the victim and After the crime, he tried to commit suicide. The event occurred on Saturday afternoon at the match of Morón.

The victim was identified as Ailén Belén Alicia Decuzzi, who on Saturday afternoon left her home in Al Palomar for Ramos Mejía but never returned. Her bomber Alisha Escobar was the first to alert the police about her decisions.

According to Polar sources, Clarín confirms that Escobar has moved into the 6th Commission of Moron on the 15th day of his great grandfather leaving his house, he goes to Ramos Mejía Two hours later, he turned off his mobile phone and stopped replying to the posts.

"He began to look for her by asking to find out his grandmother's grandmother. Nothing was taught from the victim between 3 and 8:30 PM"Sources of the investigation told the Clarinet newspaper.

As the search for the area could not find the young woman, staff of the Moroccan Operational Group of Moroccans and Police Officers of the Commissioner 6 They decided to go to the groom's house in Paradise at 600, Two blocks from the West Ax, in El Palomar.

When they managed to enter the house of Felix David Wala Ballaro (23), they found this The body has no Ailén life on a bed with blows to the face.

Next they found Vela Balazar (23). The person, from Peruvian nationality, was accused of being the author of the femicide. She had some stinging around her neck and was desperate.

Police officer took samples from the scene to perform the corresponding tests. In addition, to the accused, Blood is drawn and toxicological results are expected. The autopsy on the woman's body was passed on Sunday, and Monday they planned to decide if the injuries on the face were the cause of death, according to the investigation.

Apparently, there were no previous reports and they hope to take a look at the family of alien to find out if there are other violent episodes.

Yet it was found that Aggressor was out of danger, he was arrested "Aggravated homicide for maintaining a relationship of couple not mediating coexistence". The cause is in charge of Marcel D'Assenkau, of the UFI 11.

They received the defendants for the femicide of Lucía Pérez

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