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Quintero shoots to hit Armani and score the second goal. In video, statements by Mathias Biskai, Second Coach, and Tire Player Players.

The police radios did not stop ringing. Consequently, an inconvenient strain was issued by Father Damien Street. The fans are cordoned off behind a security fence and the silence gripped the fans, more interesting than expectant, while in the background they listened to the loudest fans. Far, in any case, where the action was from. Without risk, the river board coaches came along the edge of the Santiago Bernabeu and it was impossible not to be infected with the excitement of the Marsello Gallardo boys who jump, hit the window and sing. "Come on the river!", The fans woke up. Chamartín, however, is not nññez.

The fans of the river understood the tradition of the Speaker, In Argentina known as the voice of the stadium. The monument does not include the first name of the players for the fans to collect their name. The first three was unnoticed Millionaires Who sang the Speaker, Only the referendum of the band's band, Armani, Maidana, Piti Martins, and Ponzio. They caught the trick when it was Pratto's turn. Paradoxical situation for the Argentine striker, generally indifferent to the fans, due to its lack of purpose. The fans of Boca ignored the Speaker When he called his boys, not a river, who answered every player with a "fucking" xeneize

It was as if the call of the fans was the alarm clock for their players, and the reference was to sleep in Chamartin. The striker scored the most important purpose since he was landed at the monumental, appointed one of the most important in the history of the river, the alliance in the second half.

Panzio, former player of Zaragoza, who missed the first leg due to a muscle injury, favored the suspension of the duel back on November 24. The boy of the river accused the lack of rhythm at the Santiago Bernabé. Wagon with the leather, slow at the crossings. He suffered math bakey, the second coach who replaced the bank suspended Gallardo, and suffered a lot more Millionaire, Which is disfigured in every transition from the oral painting. He scored in a control in the door of the area, which he solved with a heavy foul. Quick yellow for a midfielder that usually plays to the limit.

The design b & # 39; Of the River

Ponzio could never hit the lines of the river. Situation that condenses the centrals, especially Maidana. The defender, the only footballer who lifted the Libertadores with Boca (2007) and the River (2015), was never at the Bernabé. He generated the first scare of the last to Armani with a bad clearance, poorly placed in the goal of Benedetto, always hassle in the crossroads of Pavón and Villa. Besides, Recycled Ponzio for the Intermittent and Unbalancing Quintero. The Colombian plugged in the box's box, along with Palacios, is also a key to the reaction river. If a new tactic of Gallardo has been developed, 4-5-1, did not work, design B has.

A new system and quintero football activated the least expect: Pratto. The striker came to the river for € 9.2 million, a millionaire signing for the Millionaires, Because never in Nñez has paid so much for a soccer player. The striker, dumb aimed at the SuperLiga, has scored sixth goal in the Copa Libertadores, the goal of deflating Boca in the Santiago Bernabé.

But if the Grand Final rated proto, he has won Juan Fernando Quintero to the highest point in the history of the River. The Colombian first gave soccer to the box of the volume, and then he sang the purpose of the goals. A unique purpose for a unique match. There is no end to hook the wheel in the team of Gallardo, much less in the followers. Today, there is no doubt. If the River Fan climbed Prato, Quinter's name has been marked forever throughout the great, definitely infinite, story of the river. In Chamartin there was no news of Maidana, Ponzio or Martinez, which only appeared in the last gallop to close the final. The references remained silent at the Bernabé, and instead the unexpected appeared: Prato and Quintero, for eternal glory.

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