Bianca Yovenitti and the Fed's Balance Reaction when they released photos to the July Bartolomé kisses: "He asked me for forgiveness"


The dancer counted on Always Show as is your relationship with the actor and has dirt on the installer.

July Bartolomé bianca yovenitti and a staff member who kissed Fed:

A young ballerina called Bianca Iovenitti It was designated as the new girlfriend of Fat BallHowever, these young people have prided themselves on removing their relationship and admitting a free relationship. Two weeks ago, the appearance of photos to kisses at a party and then on the beach between the son of Carmen Barbieri And an installer called July Bartolomé é Changed everything

"I'm very calm, and I took such things, he was just noticeable and came to ask me for forgiveness, I'm not going to claim anything from anyone, I'm not demanding, if people are happy with them. Note, it's happy, time. "

On a mobile with Always show (City MagazineMonday, Friday 20 th), Bianca referred to her first relationship with Fed and told how she was influenced by the images of her "friend" with another girl: "The things I have to talk about I have already spoken With him at the time I asked him if he knew how to explain things to me, with me it was a long time without knowing anything, I never gave up, I am not interested in becoming famous for this. For a long time and never said anything, though, he was one night with a girl Already goes out everywhere changes a lot. He asked me for forgiveness, "he said, hitting the actress with a stick.

Bianca also said that she did not ask Feda for explanation: "I am very calm and I took such things. I told him what he thought and I did not need to tell him much more, almost he only noticed and came to ask me for Forgiveness I'm not going to claim anything from anyone, I'm no one to claim these things. If people believe with what they do, they're happy, time. "

"It's not about forgiveness. There are things that are talked about and clarified," the ex-participant found. Combat In addition, he clarified that he had seen himself with the son of Carmen Barbieri.

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