Bats with storm in Caba: what to do if we find one at home


Zoonoses Lewis Pastor warned Presence of a bat with robes in the city of Buenos Aires And they are conducting a door-to-door prevention campaign. Of Comfort We consulted Institute of the Institute, Oscar Leninasas (Man 5917)To know what we have to do if we find this animal.

The first thing that veterinarians clarify is that bats are not a plague: they live in the city since its inception, though before they have their natural predators (like owls) who no longer inhabit the area. The population of mammals He usually lives in dark places, like sheds and buildings (For example, in the sixth floor Taparrolls). Its functions are now Control the growth of mosquito and other insect populationsSince they feed on that (those in the city are insecticides).

Everyone has robbed? Lenina explains that this is not the case. For the virus to be "activated" in bats, they need to be subjected to some pressure stops that slow down their defenses. Examples of this may be that they are removed from their habitat, that they have a parasitic infection or that it is the time of fighting among males through females (what happens in summer). "From the pasture we tell the robbers are controlled, it is not eradicated: since 1976 there are no humans contracting the terrestrial disease – from dog or cat to man – but we do tasks from epidemiological surveillance in the Away, as it is the case that we detect, "he added.

However, since we do not know for sure if the male is ill, we must take certain precautions. "Rabbits affect the nervous system, so A sick bat has problems with its guidance system It's like an airplane sonar And with its wings. Therefore, they lose the ability to fly and fall to the ground or remain on a wall, "said the director of the pasture.

What do we do if we see one? The specialist is categorical: Don't touch it Because it will help us to protect ourselves. The first thing to do is Cover it with a bucket, A box or something dark that makes it feel protected so it can't escape. Then we have two options:

-If you have it with a bracket, place it inside a container and bring it to the nearest zoonosis institute;

-You leave it covered as we noted and we call Zoonoses to remove it from the address.

"In the pasture, we analyze the bat to confirm If he really storms"The doctor remained in case it was positive:

-If the animal bit a Man, The institute automatically brought it to the hospital this year so that the corresponding vaccines are applied;

– In case any Mascot I played with him, if he had been vaccinated, the antibodies in his blood would be measured to determine the degree of protection; If not, it will be interned and it will be Pasteur's decision for his future.

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