Avengers: EndGame recently added a post-credit scene


Marvel fans are accustomed to always stick to the film at the end of the film: when the producers left some clue to come to the next film.

That "marketable tradition" was to come to an end with Avengers: End dateJust because in theory it represents the end of phase 3 of the saga. However, that will only happen with the premiere of Spider-Man: Far from Home (Scheduled for July).

Therefore, the producers of the last Avengers They decided in the last few hours, as reported by the site DeadlineAdd two things to the end of the overwhelming blockbuster.

First, you will see the actor Tom Holland as Spider-Man giving a message to the viewers, suggesting that they stay until the end of the credits.

And then, when the credits are completed, you will see the trailer Spider-Man: Far from Home (Which was already uploaded to the network). That trailer, in fact, has spoiler warnings because it includes many claims that took the surprise out of the end.

This is not the first time Marvel has a trailer at the end of one of his films: he did it Captain America: The first avenger, With a long teaser that anticipated avengers.

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