Available wheat operations in Rosario and Chicago showed losses – 11.7.2018


In the afternoon of this Wednesday, even if they continue to maintain modest levels of business, the Rosario improving economic activity, mainly due to the increased number of wheat negotiations. This is added, repeat traditional customers which are once again active on the market. As regards prices, there were no major changes according to Tuesday.

In Chicago, the main grains were adjusted to low values. Future revenue soybean in corn they had moderate falls due to technical sales of investment funds in adjusting positions that are facing new USDA estimates. With their parts wheat closed due to the technical sale of investment funds and the withdrawal of external demand for US supplies.


In the afternoon this Wednesday an open offer for the purchase of soybeans on the local market was available $ 8,800 / t for contractual delivery.

Concluding contracts in Chicago closed the day on a bicycle drop marked by the adjustment of the positions of investment funds to a new report on supply and demand of the US Department of Agriculture. Oilseeders' reductions have been reduced as operators are waiting for the government to increase the forecast for the final soya stock in the United States.


During the bicycle this Wednesday there was an offer to buy wheat by unloading $ 6,200, without excluding the possibility of improvements, up to $ 3. Values ​​opened by new harvested wheat in December, January, February and March were set at 175, 178, 176 and 180 dollars per tonne for discharges.

Wheat futures in Chicago cease on the day of declining business due to the technical sale of investment funds and the reduction of external demand for US supplies. CBOT wheat acted with instability, as traders were equated with contradictory export estimates Russia, the world's largest cereal exporter.


On a bicycle this day, the price offered by instant delivery maize was fixed at 4.650 $ / t, they offered $ 4,700 / t for delivery from the following week, just as for contractual delivery. In the futures business segment, $ 129 was offered for unloading in December, while for the new harvest the offered value was 142 USD / t for February, 140 USD / t for March, 137 USD / t for April / May, and US $ 135 / t for June / July. For most months, the delivery of new corn crop was an increase of $ 2 in terms of values ​​on Tuesday.

Revenue in corn in Chicago has slightly shrunk the day's sessions by technical sales in relocating the funds facing a new supply and demand report from the US Department of Agriculture. which will be announced on Thursday. The expectations of new ratings by the US government are limited by the possibility of major price deviations. Factors that affected the moderate fall in cereal prices were the gain of top achievements between the flow cycle and the pressure of weakness in the soybean market.

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