Audios: For the first time in history, this is how you hear the wind on Mars


NASA set online The sound of the vibrations generated by the Martian wind gusts against the sensors of the insight spacecraft, which fell on the red planet on November 26th.

NASA scientists reported that the wind was between 5 and 7 meters per second, from north to southeast, and was recorded and transmitted to Earth on December 1.

The audio of just over two minutes, can be heard and downloaded on the pages (in mp3 format) and https: //, as a wav file.

The audio is produced thanks to two extremely lively sensors, one of the pressures and one of earthquakes that record the vibrations on the base and arm of the Insight. Its sound is raised in two octaves to make it more audible and it is recommended to use a bass speaker to hear it better.

In a television confrontation over the NASA's official website, Bruce Banerdt, a researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for Insight, said: "Recording this audio has been an unplanned gift."

Another mission scientist, Tom Pike, said that "The Insight acts as a giant ear."

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