Argentine actors will issue an actor for sexual abuse publicly


More than 20 celebrities confirm their presence in a conference where the cases will be revealed and in Intruders They reported that one would be a violation.

Argentine actresses will make a public complaint of sexual harassment

The fight for women is the whole 2018, which is finally thanks to the #MeTo movement that began in the United States with allegations of abuse against Harvey Weinstein, And quickly moved to the rest of the world.

In our country, the group was created Argentine actresses, A team of women artists who are especially active following the debate over the legalization of abortion.

On this occasion, the group sent a statement to the media announcing that tomorrow, Tuesday, December 11, at 7:00 pm there will be a press conference in which a complaint against sexual abuse will be public.

"Activists Argentine will hold a press conference next Tuesday, December 11, 7:00 PM in the Multiteatro to accompany the denunciations of our group's victims of abuse in the workplace, which is framed by the struggle we have been giving Like women and actresses, "said the statement.

"Argentine activists will hold a press conference to accompany the denunciations of comrades of our team who are victims of abuse in the workplace."

In addition, it confirms the presence of the following activists in this area to support the strong demands:Adriana Salonia, Anabel Cherubito, Andrea Pietra, Bethlehem Chavane, Doloresi, Greece Sicilian, Jasmine Stuart, Juliet Cardinali, Julieta Diaz, Julietta Ortega, Julieta Zilberberg, Lali Esposito, Laura Azcurra, Nancy Duplaá, Noemi Frenkel, Thelma Verdin, Violet Fire, Alejandra Flechner, Barbara Lombardi, Cecilia Dopazo, Cecilia Roth, Cristina Banegas, Mirta Busnelli, Muriel Santa Ana, Verónica Pelaccini, Silvina Acosta, Among others ".

Of Intruders, Jorge Rial He read the statement and the program provided more information about the seriousness of the complaint.

Adrián Pallares Said: "An actress is going to give a name to her own. It's a job that they have been doing for a long time, advised by a lawyer so they do not stay in a media complaint and they do not condemn them for slander It is a vigorous dynasty, and he is talking about something more serious than an abuse that is a violation. "

According to Rial, the actor is a strong figure and actress, who is not one of the most famous in the environment, has the full support of her colleagues.

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