Argentina fell to 26th place among the world's largest economies


The Contraction of activity From Argentina last year, came on par Deep devaluation Of the domestic currency, has its response in a The country's decline in the ranking of economies Most important in the world.

In 2017, A year in which Pby registered a growth of 2.9%In the US, the US dollar was back in terms of inflation, as the currency rose by 17%, compared to an average 24.8% increase in retail prices.

Last year, on the other hand, The opposite was true: while the Inflation Accelerated to levels above 45% per annum, the Value of the dollar Wholesaler shot at 102 percent.

Both factors Cut Argentine GDP measured in dollars, Which, according to IMF estimates, is reduced to USD 475,429 million, 25.4% or USD 168.128,000 less than the previous year, although local economist estimates estimate Product shrinkage of less than 3% in 2018.

This group of large economies were Few those who have registered a low Of your GDP in dollars and None of the proportions that Argentina suffered.

Highlights Turkey, With a loss of annual production of US $ There. 138,000 million, a 16.2 percent. The Asian country also went through a strong capital outflow, with a strong outflow of capital Depreciation of the Lira 28% Throughout this year, due to its large current account deficit.

There is also a 7% trouble for Brazil's GDP measured in dollars (USD 145,757,000), basically due to the devaluation of the actual 14.5% last year, for Indonesia (-1%), Iran (-0.1%) and Russia (-0.1%).

In the last year they surpassed Argentina by productivity Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and Thailand, Whose GDP ranges from 600,000 to 420,000 million dollars.

For 2019, the IMF estimated that the Argentina's economic activity will decline another 1.6%, So that in the international ranking it can reduce the other four steps, Placed at 30 ° C, with a USD USD 408,030 million, surpassed by Austria (USD 469.661 million), Norway (USD 448,463 million), United Arab Emirates (USD 455.587 million) and Nigeria (USD 447,013 million).

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