Apple will keep selling iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany


Apple stops selling iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany, followed a judgment by a Munich district court. Judicially, it has been found that the bitten apple insecticides have an infringement of the patents of the bark.

The decision was announced in December, but to be effective, qualm was required to deposit $ 1,500 million. And so he did yesterday afternoon. Therefore, from now on, iPhone 7 and 8 models will no longer be available in Apple's official stores, in Germany; But the rest of the equipment will continue to sell.

It is not entirely clear if the blockade will also be extended to third parties that sell the equipment. Calkam said that the court ruling also applies in these cases, although Apple said the equipment would be available through mobile operators and resale stores, as stated The Verge.

The legal battle between the apple and the spring brings some twists and turns. In 2017, Apple operated a quam of charging excessive prices on its chips. That company, for its part, sued the cupertino giant for patents in different parts of the world. So it is looking to extend the block that will now begin to govern Germany, China and the United States.

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