Anti-vaccine journalist dies after getting influenza and meningitis – Al Anastasia


Payday bar journalist died on Friday, December 28, in the 26th year after contracting influenza and meningitis, reported by the Fox News channel, where she has appeared as a guest commentator on some occasions.

Payton, who writes for the Federalist Conservative site, was hospitalized in the previous Thursday after finding unwanted hostility and "almost out of breath" at her home in San Diego, California, United States.

The doctors have advised her and placed her in intensive care, finding a H1 N1 flu skin, or swine flu, "possibly also meningitis," informing the owner of the federalist, Ben Domenech.

In his cold conviction that vaccines "come from the devil," Payton declined all of the prophylaxis of this kind, including the flu vaccine, which millions of people apply every winter.

Although fatal cases of swine flu are rarely seen in adults, the picture may include aggressive symptoms in people without pre-existing medical conditions, such as Payton.

The World Health Organization showed more than once that vaccine against swine flu is very effective and can be applied from six months of life.

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