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Two complaints of harassment were leveled against Martin Ciccioli, one of whom was brought to justice. The first one to show the operative of a journalist was dancer Nieves Jaller, who ensured that the journalist was harassing him over the net.

The second one that talks about this issue is a pornographic method that publicly spoke in the same sense, which would leave proof of the modus operandi of a journalist at the time of contact with women through networks.

But now there was a third person who said that Ciccioli was harassing him in the networks and asking for intimate photos and virtual meetings. The public complaint was re-filed in the program Presentation of the performance, author Ulises Jaitt.

Florencia Brouss is the name of this young woman who explained that she first wrote to Ciccioli to congratulate him and show her admiration for her work, but – according to his words – the panelist then added WhatsApp and began to follow it.

"He started to tell me," Hello Flor, where are you from? ", I thought it was strange that he asked me three questions and called me on the phone, a video call, he says that we will talk about WhatsApp, because we can not talk about Instagram here," she said a girl with a complaint.

And then he explained: "My boy knew he was admiring, talking about notes, giving me exclusive notes, talking about him all the time until he said," I do not know, send me a picture. " When he said this, Brouss began to talk about the harassment he had experienced because he did not send out the risky photographs demanded by the journalist.

According to a young woman, Ciccioli did not just ask for photos and always called her, but she began to send quality videos (such as those already seen in the Jaller case) and photos of her private parts.

The audio audio (and its transcription) is available on the Laure Ubfal website. Chat rooms are available in the Popular magazine, and the video is available in Diario Show.

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