Another feminist, the ninth in 2019: Her husband killed her with a bang on the head and confessed


The Fascist Fascides, identified as Danisa María del Luján Canale, died this afternoon at the "José María Cullen" hospital in the city of Santa Fe, to which she was transferred with a diagnosis of brain death with loss of encephalic mass.

According to TelamThe wildflower was housed in a house in Liniers 957, in the city of Galley, located 134 kilometers north of Rosario.

It's so far this year's nominated femicide And the second happened in the province, after the last Sunday was killed in the city of Esperanza, the teenager agustina imvelinkied (17) And the alleged assassin committed suicide.

Jorge Elio Trossero and his wife

Jorge Elio Trossero and Danisa María del Luján Canale

Jorge Elio Trossero and Danisa María del Luján Canale


The man of the victim, Jorge Egidio Trossero (50), telefone the police at 16.50 To say they were "looking for him because he killed his wife".

When the police arrived at the house they found people sitting at the dining table and on the floor of his wife "With a large blood stain on the head area", Sources noted.

According to the first information, Trossero did not respond to the questions of the police officers who arrived at his home or answered his name, so he was delayed.

Later, prosecutor Jorge Nessier ordered the 50-year-old man to be detained.

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