Ángel de Brito surprised with the announcement of the incorporation of a new Panelist to Lam


Welcome! Ángel De Brito announced today that on Monday a new angel will debut in Lam.

The driver was even surprised by his own pleasis Share the unexpected novelty in social networks.

"Since Monday, we added a new #Angelita we will expand … @LosAngeles_ok #LAM", He tweeted the jury of dancing next to the image of the animation of an angel.

A Folder wanted to know when Yenina Latorre was refinanced, not for vacation on the panel, and the journalist explained that "On Monday we also provide surprises …"

"What surprises, I hope they are no surprises of m ….", The greatest angel was frankly, but Angel just managed to say that Yanna had lost the dressing room.

The driver did not want to reveal the identity of the new Panelist, however Given some clues before the query of the followers.

The angel is not a reincorporation, it has nothing to do With Laurita Fernandez, it's not Natalie Weber, Esmeralda, Mica Vikiconte, Kony oral, or Amalia Granata, it is popular and it is in the second cook.

Who will it be?

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